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Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid Credit Cards
In the recent years the use of plastic money has increased because of the security and safety which it provides to the holder. Various financial companies are offering credit and debit cards to the users. Have you ever heard of prepaid debit cards? These cards provide an alternative to credit cards. An individual should go for a free prepaid debit card, if he wants to select a safe mode of payment and to manage the finances. Basically these credit cards can be easily managed as compared to the credit cards. Most of the organizations offer free prepaid credit cards to their employees and sometimes these cards are also offered as a promotional move. The benefit of getting a prepaid debit card is that it does not need any employee verification, previous bank records or credit history. Prepaid debit cards do not feature any credit line therefore, by getting this card you get free from any credit limit. However, before choosing a prepaid debit card you can consider the following tips.

First, prepaid debit cards should have worldwide acceptability. These cards can be used at various locations and shopping outlets. As different companies issue these cards therefore, there is a logo for the issuing debit card company on the card. People usually argue that unlike credit cards, the prepaid debit cards cannot be used in some places. Therefore, before choosing a card you should consider the acceptability of the card.

Second, convenience of a prepaid debit card is also very important while selecting a card. It should be as convenient to use as a credit card. You should ask the issuing company about the usability of the card for online shopping and purchasing items. Such kind of information can be also accessed from the online website of the company. Moreover, it is always better to go through the terms and conditions of prepaid debit card.

Third, you should also consider the value added services offered by the prepaid debit card. The issuing companies usually offer value added services like sending your statements online. The companies also inform the customers about the salary credited from their accounts. Some companies also offer the option of transferring funds from one debit card to the other without any charges. Customized prepaid debit cards are also offered by many companies on which your name and photo can be embossed.

Fourth, an insured prepaid debit card is a good option as compared to any other card. In the case of theft and damage to the card, you can claim insurance.

Fifth, you should check the terms and conditions very carefully and determine the hidden costs before choosing a prepaid debit card. Although a free prepaid debit card does not have any fee however, the charges like card renewal and replacements are always there. Some companies also charge a fee, if you withdraw cash through prepaid debit card from the ATM.

A prepaid debit card is a perfect choice for managing your finances at low cost. Therefore, you should be very cautious while selecting a prepaid debit card. You should also know the features of a card as there are various cards available in the market. The e gold debit cards are very popular debit cards with innumerable facilities. The stored value debit cards are another debit card, which is different from the prepaid card and money is on deposit. Some cards are more famous in particular markets such as prepaid visa debit cards are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. Furthermore, there are various other kinds of debit cards such as cash back debit cards therefore; you need to know all such information to select a card based on your needs.

Prepaid Credit Cards