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Bank of America credit card

Bank of America credit card
Bank of America is the largest financial services institution in the whole world with a global consumer base of around 62 million users. Bank of America credit card service offers a myriad of credit cards based on the American express Master Card and Visa card services to customers in almost in all the countries in the world. Bank of America has more than 6500 bank branches and attracts users from the consumer market as well as businesses.

The bank of America has a very wide range of credit cards to offer to its consumer base that ranges from individuals to businesses worldwide. There is a massive appeal in the global market for the bank’s innovative and feature savvy credit card products. Some of the main credit card services products that the bank offers are discussed in the paragraph below.

The bank of America cash rewards visa signature card provides a cash rewards based program with a chance to win $ 50 on qualified transactions. Bank of America also provides American express based cards, on the bank of America accelerated cash rewards American express card, 1.25% percent cash back is offered on all the purchases done via the credit card. The bank also offers shopping rewards which can be availed using the BankAmericard power rewards visa signature card with a chance to earn triple points on gas and grocery items.

In collaboration with the top super stores, hotels and other businesses, the bank of America has also launched their speciality credit cards which have proved very successful in the consumer market. The bank of America credit card services are also stretched to student cards as well as sports cards and specialty credit cards for airlines and hotels as well. They also offer their credit cards written in Spanish text in order to cater for the huge Latino population that uses their credit card service. Bank of America has a very polished rewards structure which is regulated by the world points rewards centre.

Bank of America credit cards are feature savvy, they have the best security and encryption technologies imbedded in them with a services backup that not only facilitates a 24/7 customer support system but also have a 24/7 full blow concierge operation, fraud protection against possible theft, credit card fraud in atms as well as credit card fraud over the internet. These features has helped the bank of America in becoming one of the most trusted and secure credit card services providers in the whole world and is one of the main proponents in them competing with other credit card services giants like citigroup, HSBC and chase.

Bank of America’s customer base covers the consumer market, small business worldwide, large businesses including the fortune 500 companies, global fortune 500 and 1000 companies, government organizations, private organizations, financial institutions and other institutions functioning all over the world.

Bank of America has a legacy in providing financial services with a presence of more than 100 years in the financial services industry of America and has established itself as the worldwide force in providing innovative credit card services. The visa credit card service was pioneered by the bank of America as the BankAmeriCard service and now it is one of the most utilized credit card service worldwide. Bank of America’s consumer banking division is un-rivalled in terms of quality of services along with coming up with providing services innovations to its global credit card services market.

Bank of America credit card