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Capital One Card

Capital One Card
Capital One card is considered as one of the most important providers of visa cards in the world. The capital one is ranked at the fourth position on the list of America’s most admired companies for consumer credit by Fortune Magazine. Business owners, people with poor or damaged credits, students and people with excellent credit provide a large variety of cards. The Capital One Platinum card is the best choice for the students who are planning for their first credit card. This card permits you to build your credit over time. If you never had a card or had it for three years then most of the credit card companies recommend you “new to credit”.

The Capital One card is a zero APR credit card. Capital One Credit Card provides a six month period with no interest to small business owners. You can purchase anything and pay outstanding charges over the six month period. Balances can be transferred from other credit cards to your Capital One card. The outstanding balances can be paid from other credit cards without any interest during the first six months of your new card. The other credit cards from where you can pay outstanding balances include MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express. You can make great progress on your previous debt in six months. By reducing your late payment amounts in six months you can increase your credit rating.

The Capital One Credit cards also offer you an airline miles reward program. This program with an introductory interest free period is the best choice for you, provided you are a business person and travel a lot. In other words, you can use your accumulate miles for personal traveling if you travel a lot in your personal life to distant cities. You receive one mile of travel when you spend one dollar on your Capital One Credit card. You can also cash your miles by purchasing tickets on any your favorite airline. Small business airlines make it very flexible for you because there are no blackout dates or exclusions.

Another bonus that is famous with small business owners is the retail discount. You get a retail discount when you use your low rate credit card. You can also receive discounts at certain retailers that are associated with Capital Card with low rates. You can find automatic discount on prices if you are buying office supplies, computer software, and hardware and office equipments. You can also use your discounts for car rentals that are used for business purposes.

Several “No Hassle” cards with excellent credit are offered by capital One. If you are paying your bills on time and never declared bankruptcy then your credit is excellent. Your credit is also considered excellent if your credit card has a limit that exceeds ten thousand dollars. Capital One also rewards customers with bonus miles and cash back incentives. You would not find these facilities from nay other credit card companies.

One percent return on all purchases and Three percent return on gas and grocery purchases are offered by "No Hassle Cash Rewards" card. It is the only company which gives you a choice to use your miles for any airline. Therefore, for enjoying all of the above mentioned features, you should go for the capital one card because it is one of the best options that offer reliability.

Capital One Card