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HSBC is one of the world’s largest banks, in the United States; it is the second largest bank right after Bank of America. HSBC is the abbreviation of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation and its head office is located in London, United Kingdom. Although HSBC’s presence is well spread all over the United States but a very large concentration of its branches lie on both the costs. The east cost has a very large network of HSBC branches.

America’s card market is saturated with a lot of extremely good credit card service providers that offer their services all over America, HSBC card service has a very high consumer base all over the world and it has established HSBC as one of the premier card service providers all over the world. HSBC credit card has an enormous demand in the worldwide credit card services consumer market along with a repertoire of credit cards like HSBC weekend card, HSBC choice travel card, Visa and MasterCard based platinum cards as well as Eco smart master cards. HSBC credit cards encompass high tech card encryption technology that provides excellent security for the consumers.

HSBC credit cards are extremely feature savvy with a lot of rewards like point based plus rewards on every dollar spent with the card with incentives like redemption of air fare, cash back, gift cards, restaurant bills against the points earned. HSBC’s ecosmart master card service offers rewards that can be donated for charities that are working for environment protection activities similarly, HSBC Platinum MasterCard with cash back or fly rewards offer airline tickets against points earned, consumers can avail tickets of all major airlines without any blackout dates. Another exciting credit card product that HSBC offers is the weekend card. With the HSBC weekend card, the consumers can get With the HSBC weekend card, the consumers can get a 2 % cash back on all the purchases done on the weekends and a 1% cash back on the purchases made on the weekdays. Apart from MasterCard credit cards, HSBC also collaborates with visa to provide HSBC visa cards making HSBC provide cards for two of the most well known credit card services.

HSBC smart card is one of the most successful products of HSBC card services. HSBC smart cards and gift cards are one of the most successful gift card programs worldwide. A smart card is a gift card with an electronic chip that is embedded on it. It is used by business to increase customer retention by providing loyal customers with incentives. HSBC gift cards are used with a huge number of businesses. The restaurants industry is one of the main consumers of HSBC smart cards and smart cards are used by small and large businesses from KFC, Burger king to Pizza Hut.

HSBC has an excellent way of marketing its card services products. HSBC smart cards are marketed using a string of campaigns that have helped elevate the sales of HSC card services to the consumer market. For smart cards, the HSBC marketing campaign targets businesses especially restaurants and small businesses that may require the use of smart cards, then a marketing list of all potential leads to be contacted is made, followed up by a telemarketing campaign targeted on these leads which focuses on getting permission and scheduling a time for one of the HSBC marketing reps to come over personally and visit that business. The HSBC rep visits the lead and enlightens the business owner about the customer retention benefits that the business can get by incorporating the card service.