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Citi Card

Citi Card
Citi is one of the famous consumer credit providers in the United States market. They provide a wide range of rewards cards from student-specific cards to new Citi Simplicity Rewards Card. There are various kinds of cards available in the market and when it comes to select one, and then it becomes overwhelming for the people. The best thing which you can do to select a card is to compare its features with the other card. The products offered by Citi are very reliable and they will always come on the top when compared with their substitute products. New Citi Simplicity Rewards Card features no late fees. The average consumers of the United States hold three credit cards with a large variety of offerings. This is not possible for one to carry three different cards from users however; Citi card has policy that each consumer can only carry their two credit cards. The US consumer does not know about this fact and many problems arise because of the decisions of the consumers.

Citi card companies target college students and give credit cards when they turn eighteen. These students’ cards have higher APR than any other old established adult cards. Those students, who are struggling for money and credits for their requirements, mostly use these cards. Most students prefer these cards even if they have a higher APR. Students are also attracted towards Citi Platinum Select Card because it provides a lower APR and higher credit limit. It gives a good feeling to the students because they start planning their expenses at this stage.

Now consumers are attracted towards new offers that provide rewards programs similar to Citi Simplicity Rewards Card or the Citi Premier Pass. They are rejected when they fill out the secure online application even though they are current on payments and have excellent credit. The reason is that they already carry two other Citi credit cards. This cancellation of the student card affects negatively to consumer’s credit rating. Closing accounts is considered as the negative activity so; the best option is that you should transfer the balance from the student card to another issuer. After few months, again apply for the Citi cards and transfer the balance from new card onto that Citi card. However, it can be a problem for you because when you are transferring balance and applying for several cards within a short period, it is appeared on your credit report.

The best solution of this problem is transfer balance onto the card you want from your card, which carries a high APR. If you are carrying with one Citi card then you may apply for another card. In future, you can also get improvements and offers that attract you. Another option for you is two cancel both credit cards and then applies for Citi card that suits your requirements. This method can have negative effect on your credit but this effect is temporary. Always choose your new Citi card sensibly and select that card that you would like to have for the long time.

In conclusion, citi cards offer various features which no other card can provide. By getting this simple card you can manage your finances in a more proper manner. Therefore, for enjoying all above mentioned features go for this reliable product of Citi

Citi Card