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Chase Card
Chase card services are the most popular credit card services in the United States of America. Apart from America, it also has presence in Canada. Chase cards is an operational unit of JP Morgan & Chase Co. Chase card services became the largest credit card services provider all over the US after its acquisition of Bank One back in 2004.

Although chase has got some very stiff competition in the credit card issuers market with entities like Citigroup, HSBC and the Bank of America but Chase has managed to stay ahead of the competition by facilitating its large consumer base with excellent services and exciting offers that help retain old users as well as acquire new users as well. Apart from these offers, chase has also come up with a very innovative card products range by collaborating with large hotel chains like Marriott to launch the Marriot rewards platinum visa card targeted explicitly to customers who use the Marriot chain of hotels. Similarly, they have come up with best buy reward zone visa card for customers of best buy.

Chase card services provide a large repertoire of credit cards with exciting services and extremely competitive rates as compared to the market. In some cases This kind of innovativeness in card packages has helped chase to become one of the hottest credit card service providers on the market. Chase provides its services in the American as well as the Canadian market. In Canada, chase provides the whole range of credit card services as well as other chase card services like the sears card sears MasterCard, chase gold MasterCard and smart cards like Marriott rewards platinum visa card and best buy reward zone visa card

Chase has partnership with both MasterCard as well as Visa to provide chase credit cards using both the services. Freedom visa card is one of the premier products of chase credit card services. Chase Freedom Visa card offers a mammoth percentage of 3% cash back reward for all purchases made using the card whereas other competitor services providers offer a lot less, ranging from just 1% to 2% cash back. Freedom card works best with regular day to day purchases like gas and grocery etc. Similarly, the chase Freedom MasterCard can be used to earn triple points for purchases made.

Chase produces a vast number of different cards ranging from rebate cards, travel cards, discount cards, auto gas cards, military cards, business cards providing a very broad range of card services. These cards can be redeemed on a variety of products ranging from money cash backs to airline tickets, hotel rents etc.

Chase card services are the most well known card service in the United States as well as Canada and this division of JP Morgan and Chase Corporation is producing a booming success after success each year in terms of gross profit earnings. They have set up partnerships with key hotels, gas stations, restaurants, shopping malls that are providing excellent value added services to the consumer market and their competitive credit card range is a super hit with the consumer market that is resulting in un paralleled success for chase card services compared to the rest of the credit card service provider companies providing services in the United States. There seems to be no other card service that can even come in the way of chase card service in terms of superior tariffs, quality services and exciting new offers and products.

Chase Card